About Us

Anything of value that you do comes from you. If you offer yourself with authenticity and generosity I will be moved. —Charlie Kaufman


Our Vision

We inspire our retreat participants to get in touch with their creativity.

We provide a safe, encouraging space that offers opportunities to make friends, laugh, and share creative talents with others.

Our Mission

What we do: We create a safe, nurturing and distraction-free environment based on the techniques developed by Pat Schneider, Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron and others.

How we do it: We help you to relax (yoga and meditation) and then drop into a creative head-space. We get your creative juices flowing with prompts and writing exercises, and then provide silent, distraction-free time so you can work on whatever you fancy. We look after all of the food, drinks and organization.

Who we do it for: Although we focus primarily on writing in the morning we welcome participation by non-writers including photographers, film-makers, quilters, chefs, gardeners, yogis, and adventurers of all stripes. Anyone who enjoys getting in touch with his or her imagination should feel at home here.

Our inspiration: The lovely, generous Sue Reynolds from Durham Region has run “Writers’ Sanctuary” retreats in her home for many years. She graciously gave us her blessing to create a similar experience for writers in York Region. Sue provides many other learning experiences. Check out her offerings at www.goforwords.com.