Elaine Jackson

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I am a compulsive reader and napkin-scribbler who has always enjoyed writing. I originally trained as an occupational therapist, and I’ve worked for many years in the healthcare sector. After being laid off for the second time in three years I returned to school in 2003 and completed a BA in Creative Writing (2007) and an MA in English Literature (2009). I also completed my yoga teacher training at Esther Myers Yoga in Toronto, since teaching yoga and meditation felt like an authentic way to continue healing work without all the bureaucratic aggravation. These days I work primarily as a yoga and meditation teacher and I write regularly.

I write mainly blogs, short fiction and essays. I’ve been published in Room Magazine, The Canadian Journal of Woman Studies,, The Georgina Advocate, and the Metroland News. I’ve had the good fortune of winning several awards including the WCDR Amprosia contest, and the 2015 Infinite Pathways contest.I find being in the company of other writers is motivating and inspiring. I currently hold the role of President of the Writers’ Community of York Region.

Jennifer Sharko

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Writing has provided me the opportunity to explore my creativity and to work at home. When my family is away I can channel my inner writer and when they are present I can dream up new stories. Miraculously, one of my short stories won a contest and prompted me to keep going.

My love of writing has only developed recently. Before, I feared writing and believed authors and writers were elite and brilliant individuals. I could never aspire to be as clever and witty as those who could create lively characters and worlds on a blank page.Therefore I can relate to those of you who wonder if you should dip more than your toe into the ink.

Dive in and leave your fears and worries on the shore!