Beating the February Blahs

Are you currently affected by the February blahs?  Do you just want to snuggle DSC03491under a blanket and send the world away?  Has your  writing suffered because you simply have no energy to pick up a pen or apply your fingers to keyboard, let alone generate new ideas?

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a bad case of the February blahs, and several of my friends have too.  I’ve seen references to this state on people’s blogs and websites,DSC03060 and on Facebook.  We’re all ready for this very challenging winter to be over – but know it will still cling on for at least another month or more.

For some people, going away to a warm and sunny place can be the right antidote.  But what if that just isn’t an option for you at this time?  Nurturing yourself in your home environment may be the answer.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Old Fashioned Alarm Clockmake sure that you are meeting your body’s basic needs for good health, including at least eight hours of sleep each night (ideally being in bed by 10:00 pm.) and regular exercise. Consider walking or running on an indoor track when the sidewalks are icy or the temperature plummets to nose-numbing depths
  •  indulge in healthy comfort foods like a Strawberry BananaDSC03752 Smoothie. CLICK HERE  for the recipe.
  • eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Homemade soups and stews are great dishes to make in large batches for days when you don’t feel much like cooking.  Here’s a recipe link for: Eastern European Red Lentil Soup
  • plan an interesting day trip with friends – if you live near Toronto, why not DSCN9210Aorganize a trip around a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum or the Art Gallery of Ontario.  You’ll enjoy the company of others, and be stimulated by what you learn and experience
  • host a dinner party. Invite your friends, especially writing friends who may also be dealing with the “blahs.” Make the gathering a potluck affair, or order in and share the cost.  Being with other people is stimulating and inspiring.  You may want to include a group writing exercise
  • take a warm bubble bath, scented with natural essential oils.  Play some soft music and add a beeswax candle to create the perfect, soul-soothing environment
  • watch a funny or a sappy movie and have a good laugh/cry – just releasing your emotions in a healthy way can help to make you feel better
  • bring fresh flowers into your home.  Their colour, scent and energy will liftDSC03756 your spirits.
  • play music that you love and dance.  You can find just about any type of music on YouTube.  Choose pieces with a distinctive beat that encourages you to move. When you’re finished dancing, you’ll probably feel refreshed and renewed
  • write about how you feel in your journal. Many health professionals, such as Dr. James Pennebaker, believe that journalling can have therapeutic effectsClick HERE to read more about his work on writing to heal
  • do something for someone else – call a friend or relative you haven’t been in DSC02157touch with for a while, volunteer locally, bring flowers to someone who doesn’t have many visitors

And what about your writing?  Chances are, by experimenting with some of these suggestions, you will feel a bit more motivated to get back to your writing.  But if you still feel stuck, unless you have a tight deadline to meet, consider taking a short break.  Rather than beating yourself up for not writing, this may be a time when you need to focus on nurturing yourself.

I hope you find these suggestions useful.  How do you nurture yourself when you experience the February blahs?

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All photographs, drawings and artwork in this post are by Janis McCallen


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