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Irena has contributed a piece here that she originally wanted to call “writing from the centre.” I think when you read it you will understand why. She has, in this excerpt of what will be a larger work of fiction, beautifully described the process of slowing down, dropping into stillness, being a little unnerved by it, and then watching the stories that want to be told arise from that quiet place. Enjoy! -Elaine

The silence before the storm

She spent the Sunday at a writing retreat. A full day just for her and her thoughts,good meals and fellow writers.For the quiet time after lunch (a delicious ensemble of red lentil and red pepper soup, mixed greens, cheese, and fresh fruit, and best of all, homemade pumpkin bread and a loaf of gluten-free baguette), she had claimed the comfortable couch in the front room. She wrote some more, something new, but she did not like it. She reviewed her writings of the day. She began to organize the loose sheets in her folder but stopped in the middle of it and just piled everything back into her bag. Her thoughts drifted away. She had the unsettling feeling she should have stayed home.The cat of the house had curled up on one of the cushioned chairs enjoying the warm sunbeams which found their way through the big bow windows on this first real day of spring. Once in a while he let out a purring sound.

Thomas thinks deep thoughtswsAnother writer, Aniko , shared the room with her. Aniko had made herself comfortable in the big armchair in the corner right beside the window and typed away on her laptop.It was so peaceful. She felt as if she were in another world. Slowly, the heavy thoughts softened their grip. The warm sunlight and the quiet and steady tapping sound as Aniko touched the keys made her sleepy. Her eyes were strained from the bright sun light, the brightness of her iPad, and the cat hair made her eyes itchy.For a while she observed the pattern that the venting holes in the hand sewn heavy linen blinds left on the wall. A slight breeze came through the open window and let the patches of light dance like fire flies in the meadows at night.She remembered another day when she laid in her bed staring at the shadows of the branches and leaves of the tree in front of her bedroom window.She closed her eyes ….



While winning her bread at an interesting day job as an office manager, Irena is following her passion to learn about other cultures and to foster understanding between different cultures. She understands the barriers in communicating in a foreign language, and it is her sincere desire to help people overcome these obstacles. For the past ten years, she has been offering personalized courses for German as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language to children and adults in various settings. Irena discovered the healing power of writing just a few months ago and is following the free fall method introduced by the Amherst Writers.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein 1889-1951

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