Making lists and embracing stomach aches

Starting Fresh

I love the New Years idealism of wiping the slate clean but it’s what we write back on the slate that really matters.

Vague resolutions fade easily into the background which was why I resolved not to “get more organized” but instead to make lists. This idea was inspired by my friend and fellow work-from-home mom, Sahar. We were discussing how quickly a thought came into our heads and then dissolved into obscurity only to return at another inopportune time. Sahar told me she dealt with this issue by writing down the thought and returning to it later.

Making Progress

I started to follow her advice and it has helped. The list has morphed into my safety net to catch all the ideas and projects and hold them until I can give them my full attention.

So far so good. I’m finally writing the blog I’ve been planning to write for six months. It was the second item on my first list.

This list-writing resolution has proven easy and efficient, but my second resolution (to submit at least twelve pieces of writing to contests, publications, or blogs) has caused me some sleepless nights.

The second resolution has forced me to write but my stomach still clenches at the thought of the rejection or criticism I might receive. To get over this fear I followed the advice of another friend, Sandra. She encouraged me to write my novel by assuring me that somewhere there was a reader for my book and possibly many (we will see).

Seeing Results

In the end, I resolved to take the good advice of two very good friends.

With our new motto Aspire to Inspire, Elaine and I hope to give writers of all levels the chance to face their fears and put themselves out there.

We’ve put it on the top of our list,

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